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Mortgage advice for public sector professionals

We work tirelessly to reward public sector workers seeking a mortgage. Our aim is to find public sector workers the most suitable and beneficial mortgage based on their individual needs.

No broker fees, ever!

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Our services

We offer mortgage advice and mortgage broker services for all public sector workers, specifically those working in the NHS, police, fire service, Armed Forces, education and local authority sectors.

Our comprehensive service starts with 100% bespoke advice and doesn’t end until your mortgage has been fully approved. We get results for public sector staff with a wide range of situations, including issues with payslips, contracts and much more. 

A trusted and efficient mortgage service for public sector professionals

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Do you find examining mortgage deals tiresome? Great news for teaching staff.

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Does your mortgage search warrant some assistance? Great news for police force staff.

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Fire service

Looking to save on your mortgage deal? Great news for firefighting staff.

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Armed Forces

Not at ease with finding a mortgage? Great news for Armed Forces staff.

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Been patiently waiting for the right mortgage? Great news for NHS employees.

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Local authority

Looking for an authority on mortgages? Great news for local authority staff.

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Mortgages that reward job security

We encourage all local authority workers to get in touch and find out if they could be getting a more suitable and advantageous mortgage with our help. We help all local authority staff to get a mortgage or remortgage while overcoming all types of application hurdles.

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We patrol the police officer mortgage market

Working in the police force and looking for a mortgage? You’re in the right place. No matter how long you’ve been serving in the force, our services are available to you. Find out more now or get in touch for further information about our police mortgage services.

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Let’s do the maths on your mortgage options

We’ve passed the test and received glowing reports from previous clients in the education sector. If you’re a part-time, full-time or even a supply teacher looking for a mortgage, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly mortgage advisers today.

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Read our latest blogs for free help and information on searching for a mortgage as a public sector worker. 

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Discover real NHS mortgage options

We believe all NHS workers deserve the best mortgage available to them. Our team always go the extra mile to find doctors and nurses the most suitable mortgage based on their personal needs and preferences.

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Flexible Armed Forces mortgages are available

Our experienced advisers can assist Armed Forces staff in getting the residential or buy-to-let mortgage they deserve while overcoming common and not-so-common issues. Whether you are in the UK or abroad, our service is available face-to-face or remotely as preferred. 

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Climb the ladder with a fire service mortgage

The most advantageous and relevant mortgage deal is the least our brave firemen and firewomen deserve. Our team strive to make your property vision a reality with fire service mortgage services that can overcome application issues and lender queries. 

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