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Mortgage advisory services for nurses

Nurses deserve bespoke mortgage help!
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No broker fees, ever!

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We specialise in mortgage support for public sector workers!

Public Sector Mortgages has a stellar record of assisting NHS nurses get the most suitable and advantageous mortgage deals.

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A shift-conscious process
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Overpayments without charge
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Overtime and bonuses considered
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Repayment holidays possible
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Competitive NHS mortgage rates!

We search lenders that often reward nurses.

Use our mortgage calculator to discover your mortgage options

NHS nurses can use our mortgage calculator to learn how much they could borrow and the cost of mortgage repayments. This calculator is a great place to start for all nurses seeking their first or a new mortgage deal.

Repayment calculator
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A trusted and efficient mortgage service

Nurses and the other public sector professionals we serve are often impressed with the efficiency of our service while achieving optimum results. Our team utilises multiple resources and industry relationships to assess the whole mortgage market swiftly.

Our nurse mortgage advice and brokerage service can be broken down into four simple steps. We complete the research and due diligence as soon as you make contact, so you can react to the market almost immediately.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…4

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Contact our experts to discuss your needs and get options swiftly.
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Apply for your ideal mortgage with our advice and support.
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Once approved, it’s time to search for your moving boxes!
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Access the funds to complete your property purchase.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Mortgages for nurses working in the NHS

Nurses might not secure the most suitable and beneficial mortgage deal when using generic mortgage broker services. Instead of missing out on a possible better mortgage deal, it’s wise for nurses to use tailored mortgage advice services instead. Public Sector Mortgages offers a bespoke service to ensure nurses get what they deserve – the most relevant and advantageous mortgage deal.

Our nurse mortgage advisers are already knowledgeable and equipped to help nurses who may face mortgage difficulties that other professionals might not encounter. This could include challenges relating to pay, especially if you’re a nurse that frequently works overtime and would like any additional earnings to be considered by the lender. This is on top of more generic mortgage advice, such as mortgage type, interest, existing debt, credit scores and more.

Mortgages that give back to our NHS heroes

So, why should nurses choose Public Sector Mortgages for help?
  • Our team is aware of the long shifts and hard work done by our NHS nurses. We endeavour to do absolutely everything possible to make the whole process smooth and efficient
  • All your personal information and data are safely secured
  • We are aware of the common issues facing nurses seeking a mortgage, such as lenders not acknowledging overtime pay
  • All your mortgage options are fully explained, including the pros and cons of each
  • We take over all of the administration to save you time and worry
  • We can also advise on Stamp Duty and available buyer schemes

So, why not contact us today? Get the right NHS mortgage with Public Sector Mortgages.

Looking for an expert on mortgages? Great news for NHS nurses.



What is a nurse mortgage broker service?

A nurse mortgage broker service is a service provided by an accredited mortgage expert that helps nurses find and secure the most suitable deal. It includes tailored advice for nurses and covers the application process too.

Can nurses get a better mortgage deal?

Nurses might be able to get a better mortgage deal if they use a mortgage provider that rewards NHS nurses with a better deal. They could also get a better deal by using a lender that recognises overtime and bonus payments.

Do nurses get discounts on mortgages?

There are sometimes lenders that offer more competitive rates to nurses. These are sometimes called NHS mortgages.

Can nurses get a mortgage with poor credit?

Yes, it’s still possible for a nurse to get a mortgage with a poor credit rating. This is best discussed with your mortgage adviser.

Is it easy for a nurse to get a mortgage?

In general, it’s relatively easy for a nurse to get a mortgage. But getting the most suitable and advantageous mortgage usually requires help from a professional mortgage broker.


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