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Mortgage advisory services for doctors

Personalised mortgage advice for NHS superstars!
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No broker fees, ever!

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We provide bespoke mortgage advice for all public sector professionals!

Public Sector Mortgages boasts a glowing reputation for helping doctors secure the most suitable and advantageous mortgages.

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A streamlined process
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NHS bonuses accepted
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Repayment breaks and overpayments
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Competitive NHS mortgage deals!

We deal with lenders that acknowledge doctors.

Uncover your mortgage options with our mortgage calculator

Our mortgage calculator is the ideal starting point for doctors seeking a mortgage. Enter your information now to learn how much you could borrow and the estimated costs of mortgage repayments.

Repayment calculator
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A trusted and efficient mortgage service

Doctors, nurses and other public sector workers often compliment us on the speed of our work without compromising on the result. Our mortgage brokers access the whole of the home loan market efficiently by calling on strong industry relationships and an array of resources.

Our doctor mortgage advice and brokerage service is completed over four easy steps. The majority of our research and work is completed as soon as you get in touch, so all clients can be active in the market quickly.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…4

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Contact our experts to discuss your needs and get options swiftly.
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Apply for your ideal mortgage with our advice and support.
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Once approved, it’s time to search for your moving boxes!
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Access the funds to complete your property purchase.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Mortgages for doctors working in the NHS

Doctors could miss out on a more suitable mortgage or even a better mortgage deal by using generic mortgage broker services. Instead, it can be beneficial to use a bespoke doctor mortgage advice service from a specialising broker. Public Sector Mortgages is here to make that happen, with a first-class doctor mortgage advice service with a proven track record of getting results.

A bespoke mortgage brokerage service for doctors can enable doctors to borrow more and buy a bigger or better property. Some mortgage lenders are willing to offer bigger loans to early-career doctors based on their future NHS salary rather than their immediate salary. This is just one of many ways that a tailor-made doctor mortgage advice service could get a better result than using a generic mortgage broker service.

Mortgages that give back to our NHS doctors

So, why should doctors choose Public Sector Mortgages for help?
  • Our team is well aware of the long hours worked by doctors. We, therefore, do all we can to make the mortgage advice and application process as easy and straightforward as possible
  • Your personal details and sensitive information are always secured
  • We are knowledgeable on common mortgage challenges facing doctors, such as lenders not recognising bonus payments
  • We can sometimes help doctors increase their borrowing power based on future pay increases
  • Every mortgage option includes a detailed explanation of all the pros and cons
  • Our team can even advise on available schemes and Stamp Duty, so no stone is left unturned

So, why not contact us today? Get the right NHS mortgage with Public Sector Mortgages.

Looking for an expert on mortgages? Great news for NHS doctors.



What is a doctor mortgage broker service?

A doctor mortgage broker service helps working doctors navigate the mortgage market and secure the most suitable and beneficial deal available to them.

Can doctors get special mortgage rates (UK)?

Doctors might be able to secure more competitive mortgage rates with some lenders that offer discounts to NHS workers.

How much of a mortgage can a doctor get?

A doctor’s borrowing power might be higher than other professionals when the lender takes into account projected future earnings increases. A doctor’s exact borrowing power depends on personal factors.

Is it easy to get a mortgage as a doctor?

Doctors usually find it relatively easy to secure a mortgage, but finding the most advantageous deal typically requires help from mortgage professionals.

Can doctors get a mortgage with poor credit?

Yes, doctors with a poor credit score can still find competitive mortgages. This is best discussed with your doctor mortgage adviser.


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