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Mortgage adviser services for education workers

We believe educators deserve to find a better mortgage!
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We specialise in helping valued teachers get a mortgage

Educating future generations is a tough job, which is why you deserve extra help when it comes to finding a mortgage.

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Whole market mortgage search, guaranteed!

We check the whole mortgage market so you never miss out. 

How much can you borrow as an educator?

Our mortgage calculator is a fantastic tool to learn how much you could borrow as a teacher. This tool will explain your projected maximum loan amount and how much you’d be expected to repay each month. 

Repayment calculator
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Results you won’t have to study for!

Our professional and experienced advisers have extensive experience helping staff in the education sector.

You could become our next mortgage success story in four simple steps.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…4

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Contact our experts to discuss your needs and get options swiftly.
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Apply for your ideal mortgage with our advice and support.
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Once approved, it’s time to search for your moving boxes!
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Access the funds to complete your property purchase.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Mortgages for teachers

Are you a teacher and looking for a mortgage? Public Sector Mortgages can offer specialist advice.

If you are a teacher or work in a school or college, you’ll appreciate the importance of knowing your subject matter, and you'll likely value expertise.

With this in mind, we’re confident you’ll like working with us to help you find the right mortgage deal for you and your circumstances.

We have decades of experience and have helped countless teachers and other educators to secure their mortgages.

We understand how unique your role can be; how you can work irregular hours and work overtime, sometimes claiming those hours and sometimes not.

We know that you might be marking papers until the early hours and that first thing in the morning might not be a good time for you to talk.

Public Sector Mortgages advisers also understand how you can’t be disturbed during class times or lectures and how difficult it might be to contact you when you’re on school trips.

We get it. We really do. So, you can relax. With Public Sector Mortgages, you are in the hands of a wholly professional, knowledgeable and skilled team. We will always find a way to stay in touch, to update you and to ask you for any additional information we may need.

To get the very best mortgage we can, we think of everything. For example, you may be entitled to some extra financial help as an education employee.

Our advisers can help you to ascertain whether you are eligible; if you are, we can set the wheels in motion. If not, then we can advise you on other options from there.

Generally, we will need to establish if you have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and whether you are employed as a qualified teacher, Deputy Head or Head, or Nursery Nurse in a grant-maintained nursery, primary or secondary school. Things are slightly different for those in further education, though we can discuss the regulatory requirements if this applies to you.

Mortgages that give something back to our teaching champions

So, why choose Public Sector Mortgages for your teacher mortgage?

Just like you, we are all about people, not processes. Yet again, like you, we know that procedures must be followed to get the best results.

Our goal is to get you the most suitable mortgagein the shortest time and with the least jargon and fuss. We know what lenders expect and we make sure we deliver accordingly.

Knowing which lender might work best for you and your situation saves time. There is no need to approach numerous banks and building societies. We’ve already done the legwork. We already have the knowledge.

We handle your personal information sensitively and as safely and securely as possible. And, on presenting your application to your chosen lender, we make them fully aware of the stability of your income and any other relevant matters.

We appreciate what you do and we work to ensure our service reflects this.

So, why not contact us today? Get the right teacher mortgage with Public Sector Mortgages.

Looking for an expert on mortgages? Great news for education providers.



Can teachers get cheaper mortgages?

Educators may be eligible for improved mortgage offers due to their profession in education. Lenders consider the consistency of your income which can determine whether you qualify for favourable rates and other perks.

What is a teacher mortgage?

Lenders that offer better mortgage deals and discounts to teachers sometimes market their mortgages specifically as teacher mortgages. Teacher mortgages aren’t usually different to other mortgages, but could include a reduced interest rate or cashback offer for teachers. However, they aren’t widely advertised so you need to know where to look. 

Can I get a mortgage being a supply teacher?

Yes, some lenders will still consider your supply teacher income when assessing you for a mortgage. However, some lenders won’t and it’s important to know where to look to save time and find a suitable deal. 

Can I get a mortgage as a newly qualified teacher?

Yes, newly qualified teachers don’t usually have trouble getting a mortgage because the teaching profession is so stable. However, there can be application headaches regarding payslips, which our advisers can help you overcome.

Are there any schemes to help teachers buy a property?

There are government schemes to help people buy and build property, especially if it’s a first home purchase. These aren’t exclusive to teachers, but there is no reason why you can't take advantage of them. Our team will explain your options.


Read our latest blogs for free help and information on searching for a mortgage as a public sector worker. 

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