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Why do NHS staff need specialist mortgage advice?

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Nurses, doctors and other NHS staff should get tailored mortgage advice to uncover the best deals. Some mortgage providers offer unique and advantageous mortgage deals to those serving the NHS. We cover the challenges facing NHS staff seeking a mortgage and genuine options below.

Mortgage challenges for NHS staff

NHS staff might face numerous challenges when seeking a mortgage. There are limited mortgage deals aimed at NHS staff to help them secure a better deal, but the good news is they do exist.

Furthermore, some NHS staff might have difficulty proving their income at the very start of their career due to an insufficient number of payslips, or they may have difficulty due to shift work and irregular monthly pay.

NHS staff might also face common challenges that many people face when seeking a mortgage, such as existing debts or a below-average credit score.

Tailored mortgage advice for NHS staff

There are mortgage advisers who specialise in helping NHS nurses and doctors secure the best mortgage for their needs. They have relationships with mortgage providers who offer advantageous deals for NHS staff, and they know of ways to overcome the challenges mentioned above.

If you work for the NHS and are considering buying a residential or investment property soon, it’s worth looking for specialist NHS mortgage advice first.

Increased borrowing power for some NHS specialists

Some NHS staff might be able to increase their mortgage borrowing power by getting lenders to consider their future pay increases. This option is sometimes available to NHS doctors with certain mortgage providers.

The amount you can borrow is usually calculated based on your current expenses and income. However, some lenders are willing to consider how your income may increase over time by looking at NHS pay scale increases as your career develops.

This can allow NHS doctors to borrow more today than otherwise would be possible, enabling them to buy an even better property and avoid waiting years to climb the property ladder.

The benefits of NHS mortgage advice

There are several benefits of getting NHS mortgage advice over a generic advisory service. Not only can the mortgage adviser help you with general queries and issues, such as credit scores and existing debt, but they can provide a more bespoke service. Specifically, NHS mortgage advice can:

  • Provide tailored advice that is relevant to doctors and nurses
  • Help overcome issues regarding limited payslips and irregular monthly pay due to shift work
  • Recommend mortgage deals that might be aimed specifically at NHS staff
  • Recommend mortgage options that consider future pay rises and therefore increase borrowing power
  • Recommend schemes to help NHS staff buy, such as the Help to Buy Scheme
Speak with an NHS mortgage adviser now!

NHS workers do a unique and invaluable job for our communities, which is why they deserve specialist support for their mortgage application.

Public Sector Mortgages is on hand to provide exactly that. We encourage NHS staff to get in touch today and learn about the options available to them. 

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